Friday, January 20, 2006

January JQC2006 reveal

For January's Journal Quilt I started with a simple sketch of the design:
vertical bar, dominate eyes, and HAPPINESS.

Working with a line drawing I had used with the collages from earlier in the month and a light box, I traced the face onto a sheer fabric backed with fusible web. I had dyed some light blue fabric, added some scraps from a previous quilt, decide to use some ribbon for the hair, then tossed them all up on the design wall for a look.

I auditioned two different threads. The varigated thread was too weak and the burgundy too hard so I ended up using both.

Another quick sketch to layout the hair which I handstitched in place adding a few triangular beads to give it a more finished look. After fussing with what color to use for HAPPINESS and adding a state of mind, I was satisfied with the overall composition.

I put on a dark purple binding and at the last momment took a darning needle and punched the "hair" behind HAPPINESS. I wanted the piece to have a lightness - a touch of whimsy but not cartoonish. I don't think I achieved that. On a personal note as this is a self-portrait, my hair never has that much fullness and it exaggerates the cowlick I have. And lastly, the colors in the ribbon and the gold of the beads reminds me of a jester's cap.

I'm really looking forward to the next eleven months!

Lessons learned:

  • Fusible web made the sheer easy to work and I got the transparency I wanted.

  • I can get a lot done in three hours (the beading took most of the time!)

  • I need more light in the studio.

  • A new word: oncunnynge (medieval, applied to fools) is an intuition that is superior to logic, an understanding of truth that the rational mind is incapable of.


    jenclair said...

    Wow! What a terrific self-portrait! Love all of your collages and your thread play. This is an inspiration for me in many ways.

    quiltnbee said...

    Wonderful face, I feel like I am really seeing you...I am in awe of your ability to capture that light in the eyes with a drawing and then to keep it with the great. And I LOVE the hair! I have cowlicks, too, but if I could have hair as fun as that I'd be cool with it...=-)

    Allison said...

    This piece is a total knock-out.

    Thanks so much for sharing your technique of using the sheers and "drawing" over them with thread. I will definitely want to try that, and soon!
    The thing I really like about this is the contrast betweent the lettered message and the serious facial expression. To me it says that to achieve true happiness is serious business (which I strongly believe).

    That you did this in three hours is also a huge inspiration!

    PaigeTurner said...

    wow, I loved seeing your process!

    Anonymous said...

    That is really incredible. I have a hard time with faces and doing it in thread and fabric, etc. is truly wonderful.

    Sande said...

    Your artwork is so much fun. It IS happiness and does have a sense of whimsy. Your initial drawing was a really good basis for your piece. Great job!
    I put a description on doing a pleated border in the comment section of mine for you.

    Micki said...

    I like this piece and the others you have been doing. Thanks for showing the piece as you progressed with it. One of these days I am going to have to try this.

    Granny Fran said...

    Oh Wow! What a wonderful face and I love the hair. The whole thing is beautifully done and Happiness is truly a state of mind. I love seeing step by step photos of the process.

    Barbara C said...

    A wonderful, provocative piece! You've successfully combined different techniques and materials. I like the way the hair peeks out from the back--very clever.

    Pat/SWquilter said...

    First and foremost the piece is fabulous! and three hours? I feel like I've worked on mine for the entire month with no similar result as far as being innovative!

    Helen Suzanne said...

    This works sooo well Kim. The contour drawing really gives a very thoughtful presence to the piece. I'm glad to get this introduction to your work and I'm eager to see what happens next.

    Debra Spincic said...

    Can you say "Party"? Your gal portrait looks like she wants to get out on Friday night with that hair and have a good time!

    What fun!!

    Becky said...

    Living in a Caribbean country, my first thought when I saw the hair was Reggae music. There is definitely a happy, party time, "gotta move" feeling to your piece. I like it, and I enjoyed reading about the process.

    Jenny Wren said...

    I love the way you've portrayed contours with lines and thread. You have an obvious drawing talent and have translated it well to textiles!

    LindaPut said...

    You sure are good at using your machine to "draw". I especially like the wimsy of the hair. What a great piece!