Friday, January 06, 2006

Wk01 Collage-a-Week

Here's my first piece for the "Collage-a-Week" Challenge. The theme for the month of January is "self-portrait" and this is the first of four collages for the month. Originally I had planned to use paper for the collage but since I was pressed for time I immediately reached for fabric. I started with a scrap of fabric that had been dyed and stamped (a throw-away scrap from my stash.) I fused shapes into place and stencilled on some letters with an oil stick (the phrase reads: conscious awareness.) Finally I sandwiched the piece and added a few red quilting stitches to hold it together. I will probably continue quilting this, maybe do some beading and it could potentially become my Journal Quilt for the month. The piece, beginnings I, will finish at 8.5" x 11" . It was a fun quick study!


PaigeTurner said...

I love your collage/potential journal quilt! I don't remember seeing your work on "the ring" before, so you must be newly joined. WELCOME! I can tell that you'll be inspiring me throughout the year!
Beth a.k.a Paige Turner

Granny Fran said...

Wow, your self portrait is fantastic. It is such a help to me to see how more experienced art quilters do these things. There is so much depth in the collage, you want to keep looking to see what else you can find. Can you tell me about the oil stick you used? Looks like a good technique to be able to use.

Jenny Wren said...

What an interesting self portrait collage. I especially like the use of negative space. I think self portraits are pretty scary territory. I cannot wait to see more of your works!