Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Collage

Once again, it's Friday and this collage "The Fifth Muse" completes the series for March - I'm done with the motif and The Nude Figure theme! I've often wondered if I could successfully work in series instead of just my typical one off approach. These collages are testing both my discipline and my creativity. I like having a weekly deadline, I don't like waiting to the last moment to do it. I need to plan my time better - schedule a regular time to go work. I, also, like working with a theme (although by the end of this month I was pretty tired of the naked body parts pinned up all over the studio!) Having a theme inspired me throughout the month - it kept me thinking about what I could try, how I might do it, what if... I was getting a little frustrated with the size of the collages (8.5" x 11") and the postcard (6" x 4") that I do weekly but I think it's really because I'm wasn't working on anything else. The collages/postcards are for experimenting with technique and having fun!

I did start working on a fabric journal to put the postcard in - my daughter asked why I just didn't put them in a box. I suppose that's where they will eventually end up!


Deb H said...

I love all of these. Amazing how much variety you managed to fnd doing a single subject. I've never really tried to work in a series. It sounds interesting.

jenclair said...

This is my favorite in this series, and I've loved all of them. The purple and blue, the "snowflake" symetry of the figures going head to head, and the wonderful golden bubbles of hair!

Kim, would you explain your weekly collage goals? I love the discipline you are applying to your endeavors, and the fact that it leads to such creative results.

Deb Geyer said...

I, too, am enjoying working with a theme in the JQC pages. When I finish one month it seems it always leads me to a new idea for the next month. But I keep thinking...I'd like to try it bigger!

Granny Fran said...

These figures make such an abstract design, it is just gorgeous. Love the shapes between the figures and the gold hair over the gold network of the background is very pleasing. You are a great inspiration to the rest of us.

PaigeTurner said...

that is really beautiful!