Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Collage - Wk 34

The Bench - I finally got around to quilting this piece that I had started last February (see post.) I'm disappointed that the flash washed out the color and texture in the light background area. I think in September I need to spend some time with the camera and learn how to take better pictures!

For the collages in September I'll be exploring mythology. I will do a Medusa and a Green Man, I've always had an interest in those. I even done a few sketches although I never thought about the finished size being 8.5" x 11" - should be a challenge. I still need to come up with three other ideas - I'm thinking that I want them all to be a face of some sort.


Kay said...

I just discovered your Friday collages. They're beautiful. And I admire your discipline. What a wonderful, skill building idea.

As for the Green Man--I've always found that image fascinating. It should make a wonderful collage. As suggestions for others, the classic North Wind face (puffy cheeks, etc.) comes to mind. There's also a thing in Rome called the Bocca della Verita (mouth of truth) which is an interesting face. I'm sure you could find it on Google images. Hope you don't mind my two cents--I just think this is a cool idea!

Sande said...

I also admire your dedication and discipline to the Friday collages. I love the colors in this one.