Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WIP Wednesday

Worked today on getting the anthology page for Bente started. One of eight pages I'm working on for the Fabric Art Journals group. I made a commitment (to myself) to get all eight pages to about 80% complete by the end of this month. Where my head was when I planned this, I don't know - but, I'm going to press ahead and see what I can achieve in the next 15 days. At least I have sketched out what all eight pages are going to look like. Fabric selection slowed me down today.

I've also been drawing... some days better than others! It's been interesting. I'm posting those drawings with a group of like-minded folks at DrawMo! - we all signed up for drawing every day in November. I think I'll try to keep the drawing as part of my routine (maybe not every day) after this challenge is over.


Linda said...

Great colours and the silhouettes stand out so well. Bet the page feels great too!

Laura Lea said...

I love the colors and outlines of animals in blue and black! Very effective! What is the tale?