Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Solstice!

We've had relatively warm weather today and no rain, what a wonderful way to herald in the return of the sun!

Today is also my husband birthday. In celebration we "wrote" a little song for him and we'll be singing it before we head out for dinner (sung to the tune of Santa Baby):

Buh-bum.. buh-bum...
Solstice baby, we put a present far from the tree, you’ll see
Found the gift of your dreams
Solstice baby, so “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

Solstice baby, a 54 year-old wife for you, she’s true,
She'll wait up for you dear
Solstice baby, so “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

Think of all the fun you’ve missed,
Think of all the ladies that you haven't kissed
Next year it could be just as good
If we just win that Lotto draw

Solstice baby, you want a yacht and really that's not a lot
With the winnings it’s clear
Solstice baby, so “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

Solstice honey, one little thing you really need, the deed
To a Condo in Spain,
Solstice baby, so “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

Solstice cutie, let’s fill the household with some good times and wines,
An old scotch is just fine
Solstice cutie, and “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

Hurry, open your present dear,
With your loving wife and sweet children near
We really do believe in you,
Love you still, even “Over the Hill!”

Solstice baby, forgot to mention one little thing, let’s sing,
“Happy Birthday to You”,
Solstice baby, so “fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems

“Fifty” ain’t as bad as it seems
“Fifty” - this year!


arlee said...

:} Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Righteous! Totally righteous! Bet he loved it!

Kim said...

Indeed he did. My youngest daughter can really sing, me and my oldest tired our best - lots of laughter! We called him Solstice baby all evening...

Ina said...

Kim, you do beautiful work. We enjoyed your slide show.

Ina and Alex

ACey said...

Whoah. Mad lyric writing skilz!

Kim said...

Ina: Thanks! Didn't get much of a chance to talk but breakfast was fun. Linda and I didn't leave until almost two.
Alex: Sorry we missed the Solstice Party last night... next year for sure!

Acey: yeah yeah yeah - I think that was my lyric writing career! done now.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Loved the lyrics!

My dd#2 b'day as well, a great day indeed.