Monday, December 11, 2006


I spent some time yesterday doing some "housekeeping".
First, the studio was a disaster and I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even face it. I complained that I was really disappointed that the studio elves have been slacking off and not picking up after me. Later that morning I heard my husband in the studio: he had picked up and put away the supply boxes I had out; gathered up all the scraps that were all over the floor and put them in a basket for me to go through; and was vacuuming. What a wonderful surprise! It's times like these that I know I married the right person. I went and finished the job. Cleaning up the work surfaces, going through scraps (I hate throwing fabric away!), and putting away supplies. I still have piles of fabric to put away but at least I can get some work done!

Next, it was time to get some things done on the computer. I set up Google Reader a few weeks ago but I had not set up all the blogs I wanted to keep an eye on. It took longer than I had expected but now I have everything organized in files and on my Google home page. What a difference and what a time-saver it will be. I also tried to catch up with the blogs - haven't done that in a few weeks so it was quite a task. Then I made the decision to switch to Beta Blogger and so far everything seems okay.

Lastly, I wanted to work on my plans for 2007 and decided instead to figure out what I needed to do to finish up 2006. With three more Friday Collages, five 6x4 postcards, one Journal Quilt, continued work on the eight page exchanges, and I'm also trying to finish up four small quilts to send away as holiday gifts - I spend about three hours working at the sewing machine. I think I'll know by Wednesday afternoon if I'm going to get everything done and then I can work on planning 2007.

Is anyone else having problems with feeds from blogs saying they have a new post but it turns out to be an old post? I wonder if this is associated with the switch over to beta blogger.

(I have no idea how I want to "label" posts...)


Gunnels blog said...

Thanks for your nice comments in my blog. Now I found your blog, before I couldn´t find out who KIm was?! I didn´t know it was same person like skybell??!! :-))

You seems to have busy! I am planning to be finished this year my self with all "must do" and begin the new year clan, and with many fresch ideas, I hope!

Scrapmaker said...

Wow, you are an organizational marvel!
I really like your journal pages. Jen

Micki said...

I know what you mean about the studio being a disaster. I tried doing a little straigntening up today, but didn't really get very far.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
BTW, I made the switch to beta blogger last night also.

Gerry said...

Kudos to you for being so productive! And as for the 'feeds', I would get that sometimes before I switched. So who knows?????????

Vicki said...

You've inspired me to clean out my own mess!

kjquilts said...

Your husband is a keeper!

arlee said...

Yes i'm getting it that way too.
Sounds like your elf deserves somethinsomethin special ;)

India said...

Wow, your husband rocks! Maybe I should get me one of those . . .

As for Blogger, it's been utterly lousy lately. I haven't noticed the feed thing you mentioned, but it's been doing weird things with comments.

Kim said...

Thanks for all the comments. The studio was clean - it's back to messy that I can live with!

I'm still trying to figure out why all the comments come through my email with noreply-comment.

I'm practicing patience!

jenclair said...

Kim, THANKS SO MUCH! Your "art meme" gift of art arrived yesterday, and I love it! Beautiful work, as usual, and now I have my own SkybellArts piece of art. Thanks so much!

Almost all of my comments are "no-reply" now. Only about 3 of the people who visit regularly one either of my blogs use an email address.

StegArt said...

Wow Kim, I wish I could get organized too. I keep getting "No reply" in my email to...very frustrating. I think it must have something to do with non-beta users and beta-users. Maybe once everyone has been switched it will get better. I'm beta, let me know if mine comes through for you.