Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friday Collage - Wk 41

wk 41-07 Middle of a Whirlwind

In the news today, Doris Lessing won the 2007 Noble Prize for Literature. This weekly was inspired by her 1962 book The Golden Notebook.

Issues regarding the many facets of personality and how to make sense of the world is something we all struggle with. I'm trying to keep mine to minor scrimmages instead of all out wars. In many ways life has become a lot smoother. Who knows - it could be the calm before the storm but... I'm trying to remain optimistic! In the book, Anna Wulf records her life in four different notebooks: her experiences; her politics; her fictional life; and her diary. Now, as for notebooks, I do keep a hodgepodge of them although I'm not as disciplined with them as I would like to be.

Blogs are a kinda notebook, aren't they?


Vivian Love said...

Beautiful collage. You are so talented.

Kay said...

Blogs are indeed a notebook.

What a great idea to pay homage to Doris Lessing. I was so glad she won, having loved that book.