Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thinking about 2008

wk40-07 Pyongyang

As I was working on this today I was thinking about what my goals are for 2008. I know I'm going to continue with my weekly quilt collages. I'll probably keep them the same size (8.5"x11") although I am considering keeping the orientation consistent for the whole year. I was also considering doing monthly themes again - they seem to help when I'm feeling a lack of inspiration. I considered themes that where really specific like - bugs, birds, leaves... but I'm also thinking about words such as joy, order, beauty. Hopefully, I'll decide on it this week, write it down and put it away so that I don't over-think it!

October's theme is In the News and I've been dreading it. The last thing I wanted to do is work on something with a focus on the debates, the war, or the latest celebrity stupid-human-trick! Thankfully, the 'dear leader' and Mr. Roh met in only the second summit between North and South Korea in, well... ever! Technically still at war, since neither side agreed to a peace treaty, they are meeting in Pyongyang to (pose for the cameras and...) discuss economic co-operation and (maybe) steps toward peace. Reunification? I'd think not.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're already planning for next year! That's organization. I have been thinking about doing a monthly journal quilt (so I can pretend I'm good enough to be in the real journal quilt project) but cannot imagine doing one every week.

Kay said...

I love your work, Kim. I haven't been looking at it recently because I'm in such a funk. But it's great to come back and see it. In the News is a challenging theme. I'll come back to see how you do the rest of the month.