Friday, November 09, 2007

Fridge Friday

This is week two of my 'Fridge Friday' show-and-tell and since not much has changed, I decided to show the door. Pretty boring, huh? In the pitcher (bottom right) is the kale& butternut soup I made yesterday (my other large containers were being used for chicken broth!)


KNH said...

I would love to see a recipe for that kale-butternut soup. What a great fall dish!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I would ALSO love to see that Kale and butternut soup recipe. Yummy I can only imagine. Do share!!! :)

Your so brave to show your fridge. I have pictures here that I've shared with my friend but we're 'tight' and its safe if she gets creeped out or laughs at me.

Geggie said...'s cold and perfect for soup!