Thursday, February 28, 2008

February socks

The Sock-a-long pattern for the month of February was the Jaywalker. I used the Jaywalker pattern from MagKnits. It was created by Kathy of Grumperina. I made them for my husband, shown above modeling the socks. He calls them his Charlie Brown socks.

Our dog, Jamie arrived during the photo shoot. She loves her peeps and figured it was time to move in and get comfortable.

My Thing-a-day is this little pincushion for my large needles. I cut up an old quilt, sewed a back to it and stuffed it with left over batting scraps. I sewed some yarn its head, mainly so I could hang it by it's hair on the bulletin board behind my sewing machine. I'm amazed that February is already over - only one more thing to make!

Living consciously...

Part of the practice today was learning to focus on the expressions on another face - that moment when you see a 'possibility for change.' The big ones are easy to spot - the quintessential rolling of the teen-agers eyes - but observing the more nuanced ones that's the challenge.


Fran├žoise said...

Nice socks! (I love your dog.)
And the pincushion looks great too.

Deb Geyer said...

I'm getting a lot of exposure to the teen rolling of the eyes lately!

jenclair said...

Jamie makes a great addition to the Charlie Brown socks. Love the pincushion with the green hair!

Years ago, my husband accused me of "face crimes" - and I had to admit he was right! Now,I try to monitor the facial expressions even though my "I don't understand" face (wrinkled forehead, squinty eyes, not attractive) still makes frequent appearances.

McIrish Annie said...

Add some blue eyes to that pincushion and that is a perfect picture of how I felt this AM running out the door to work! LOL! I love it!

and my Dh and I are both guilty of the "faces" which express sooo much without saying a word! I can honestly say that we have had arguments over "a face".