Saturday, February 23, 2008

to bead and bead some more

Sewing forty beads to the top of this vase I made took more time that I thought it would. Doing Thing-a-day hasn't changed my life that much but I have managed to check a few things off the list. I still want to make an apron... it's beginning to look like a March project.

Living consciously...

(grumble, grumble) So, today Hendricks suggests that "pain" can be dealt with: 'Stop resisting the pain. Flow with it instead of fighting with it or fleeing from it. Just breathe. Just flow.' Well, it would be one thing if he was talking about a mental anguish but, no, he was referring to his own experience with a root canal. Good for him. Me, I'd prefer drugs.


Kay said...

You made me laugh. Do I detect a bit of skepticism about Living consciously?
Pretty vase. Sewing beads always takes more time than you think.

jenclair said...

I've always loved the purple and red combo!

I originally planned to make an apron, but that isn't going to happen. I've had the pattern and the material for TWO years and thought the Daily Thing would be the perfect opportunity. No. It will happen someday, though.

Pain is debilitating. Period. When I'm in real pain, my mind is not able to focus, much less think about "flowing"! Drugs, yes, are a good thing.