Friday, February 08, 2008

The weekend cometh

With Valentine's Day coming up, I went looking for and found an alternative to buying a card. I'm going to make some origami hearts. I practiced making a couple this evening. Easy.

I've been using my newly made stitch markers. I'm trying to finish up this second kid sock so I can start an adult pair this weekend. I wonder if there is any mindless television on tonight? (dumb question)

Living consciously...

The practice today was one of those predictable ones, fill in the blank: I have heard from family and family friends who knew me when I was very young that my dominant personality traits were _______. Do you see yourself that way? and Do those early prophecies continue to define you? Most of the time answer for me is some variation of independent or self-sufficient. And, yes, sometimes it morphs into selfish, stubborn, or ... Whatever "labels" I've worn or shook off over the last 55 years have made me who I am (warts and all) and I'm fine with that, thank you very much!

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