Saturday, March 08, 2008

Two aprons in one

I jumped right into making of the apron yesterday without thinking. I sewed the strips together using quarter inch seam allowance! I don't know where my head was. So today I decided to make the apron reversible so I wouldn't have to deal with seeing the back and the unfinished seams. In order to make it a little more secure I ran stitching down both sides of the black and white fabric locking those quarter inch seams in place.

I had to dig deep in the stash to find this conversational print, it works well with the other fabrics. I still need to work out what to do with the top, for now it's held together with safety pins. I may put buttons or some other hardware so that the neck strap is adjustable. I can't decided if I want a pocket(s) or not.

Living consciously...

I can see it the way it is.
I have everything I need inside me.
All the love I have been searching for is here within me.
I am willing to love myself.

That was the practice. To type those four sentences without looking at the screen and then to spend a few moments looking at the sentence where you made the most mistakes and to reflect why it is the most difficult for you. I did make a mistake, I was suppose to type I am now willing to love myself. Okay, I left out 'now' - why? Could it be that I'm procrastinating until tomorrow or maybe I'm already there or given how stubborn I can be maybe I'm resisting the command of now.


StegArt said...

Looks great Kim! Are you going to now be inspired to do some gourmet cooking?

MargaretR said...

It's a lovely apron Kim. Oh, I think you must have pockets in it. I couldn't manage without pockets if only to put my hands in (smile)

jenclair said...

Great apron! Kind of His and Hers all in one.