Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creatively Stuck!?!

I think, maybe. It could be a combination of lazy and restless. I'm trying not to let it get to me and am finding other creative outlets - mostly piano and reading. Is reading a creative outlet? Well, I'm still and gathering inspiration.

This little piece, 8" by 10", of part of a violin is something I made a couple of years ago and is my current display on my cell phone. Since I see it daily, I've really been thinking about making a larger wall quilt.

The Capital Steps were wonderful and it was hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard and that long in many years. The world needs more humor! The Lirty Dies performance nearly killed the audience.

Living consciously...

Hendricks writes that you are either in relationship with someone or it's an entanglement. He lists several criteria that you both need to commit to in order for the relationship to be a conscious one: an arena for self-knowledge; being close; own individual development; telling the truth; full responsibility for yourself (no villains/no victims); resolved conflicts are win/win; and both people consistently demonstrate that they choose having a good time over being right and making the other person wrong.

Yes, I would think that pretty much sums it up. Living up to it... not so easy. Sometimes I feel like I can't hold a commitment to those criteria in relationship with myself. But on the plus side, once I do then in relationship with others is so much easier (and sweeter!)

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jenclair said...

I can see that you might want a larger quilt based on this theme. Don't know if reading is always creative, but it definitely inspires me. Sometimes I just stop and write a word or phrase or idea that the reading stirs up.

You aren't stuck. You are fermenting. Right?