Monday, June 30, 2008

June TIFC - Day Four

I thought I might just get this done today, but no. I did decide to go with a landscape orientation and I've decided to add something more to the surface. I am pleased with the way the pockets and zippers worked. There are a couple of areas where the bulk causes a little bulge and pucker but it's very small and I think I'll be able to quilt it away or otherwise disguise it. I'm auditioning a hearts - I think they are too small and blend in too well. Tomorrow I'll figure it out.

Living consciously...

I find that some of the practices are at odds with how I want to spent my time. Today's suggest that I notice flickers and flares of anger and whether they are in response to some unfairness. I'm trying to accept the "is-ness" of things and let whatever I feel be there and be aware without letting my ego take charge

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Kay said...

I like the way this is turning out; the zippers make such an attractive graphic design.