Thursday, June 26, 2008

June TIFC - Day Three

I attached the zippers and started working on the pockets. I'll be sewing them in place by hand - two down, eight to go. I'm going to keep them small (5" long and 1" deep)to minimize the bulk and I'll probably cut away the batting. I haven't yet decided what to put in the pockets. I'm considering either scrolls that have stories about my grandmother or maybe just images of things that remind me of her.

I'm not much of writer but this could be my opportunity to write some stories that can then get neatly tucked away. She loved her dachshunds, the San Fransisco Giants, drove around in a 1968 Tahoe Turquoise Mustang, kept her hair red, and unabashedly watched roller derby. On a typical Saturday morning, she sit at the kitchen window working on a crossword puzzle, clicking her teeth, with her hair still up in those pink sponge rollers nursing her Folgers coffee (or a "medicinal" beer.) And then in the evening she'd drive over the coast to go square dancing.

Living consciously...

Breathe and remind yourself to let go of controlling the uncontrollable. That was the practice for the day. I've been trying to practice this big time for the last several years!!!


Quilt Pixie said...

I'm sure between scrools and pics, and other "momentos" you'll find more then enough pieces :-)

jenclair said...

I love the idea of all the little pockets on this piece.