Saturday, June 07, 2008

New thinking

I love it when I come across innovative ways to deal with this game of life!

An alternative bus stop for Alzheimer patients in Germany.

The United Nations plan to raise the target from one to seven billion trees.

Living consciously...

I skipped a day yesterday - got so excited about investing extra money into creativity I forgot to pay attention to the date. The exercise I skipped is one of 'making sure' that you're not inadvertently trying to create change in others as you yourself approach change. I think my intention is clear. I am talking candidly about some of the things I'm trying to lean in to but I don't expect others to 'get on board.' If they make the decision to change that's their business - I'd welcome the company but I'm not soliciting it.

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jenclair said...

The bus stop idea is a good one. When Laddie was at The Cottage, he and many others desperately wanted to go home and frequently asked people to take them there. I do think one lady would have waited for hours, though. Home was her one persistent thought.

The doors to the outside there were designed to look like bookcases.

:) I'd love to change others! But having tried and failed, I must be content to try to change my own perspective.