Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July TIFC - Day Two

It seems I'm continuing my trend of waiting til the last week of the month to work on the TIF challenge. I've been thinking about the question since the beginning of the month. Today it finally came together for me. Being in my mid-fifties, I've developed an appetite for living and where 100 years old seemed out of reach now I think it's a reasonable goal. I thought one way to illustrate the years would be to do 100 "inchies." Start with a whole cloth (like I did for CSI-PSI: before and after), cut it up into 100 pieces, embellish the pieces, and tack them in place in re-create the whole. Right. No. The idea of dealing with a separate 100 pieces paralyzed me for most of the month. This morning the answer to the question came to me: What is it to be at the half way mark? Charmed.

I'm going to do a quilted piece about 17 inches square (as illustrated above) and section it off so that there are 100 square - no cutting involved. Next I plan to add a charm to the first 56 squares beginning in the lower right hand corner. The charms will represent something that happened during the year that was. For example, when I was 18 I graduated from high school and commencement was held at the Frankfurt Zoo. We hung around outside for some time before walking into the hall and I've always carried the memory of flamingos with me as a symbol of that day. I hope I can find a small flamingo to stitch onto the 18th square!

Living consciously...

For practice today, repeat this phrase throughout the day: I commit to the practice of full integrity in my life.

Hendrick's definition of integrity is one based on a state of being whole not morality based. As an example he talks of driving a car around with the wheels out of alignment and being aware of a shimmy. Of course, the shimmy is the result of a lack of integrity. I hate car analogies. I'm just starting to get my 'shimmy' back at this stage in my life's journey. The front wheels seem fine but maybe the back wheels need a little air in the tires, I suppose I could rotate the tires and check that the front struts and hope there are no signs of "cupping" on the front tires.

I think I'll just go back to the practice and with 'unfolding' wholeness I have (a sprinkling of moral and ethical principles) just go about doing as a well as I can to live, love, learn and leave a legacy.


Vicki W said...

What a great idea!

jenclair said...

It IS a great idea!

Kim said...

Vicki and Jen - Thanks. I'm so happy with the idea AND I get to add a new charm to it every year!