Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to catch up

It felt so good to turn on the sewing machine and do something other than scrap management. I kept the quilting simple - a few stitches in the ditch to stabilize the piece and then a simple spiral.

Next, I turned my attention to July's TIF piece. I started the quilting and will be spending a couple of hours tomorrow trying to make as much progress as possible.

Living consciously...

Hendricks begins the day's reading with "Notice that every sentence that springs out of you mouth is from one of two contexts: discovery or defensiveness." The practice for the day is to keep track of what you say and what others say.

That makes me want to stay in doors ALL day with headphones on listening to music and cutting scraps! (Grumble, I need a break from pedantic and touchy-feely.) But, by all means, let's all try to be less defensive.


jenclair said...

Ahhh, play instead of work! Love the stars on the TIF piece; looking forward to seeing your progress.

I've been thinking about defensiveness lately. Not mine. I need to get a point across in a specific situation in order to clear something up without making the individual put up defensive (and counter-productive) mechanisms. I want my way, but how do I get it?

Kim said...

jen - I'm looking forward to working the TIF piece today after the chores and errands are done (snarl) -- ahhh, the music of the sewing machine.

I want my way, but how do I get it? Love that line. It's something I've struggled with and a few months ago I came up with a way to answer it at least for me. I've used an analogy of we are all on our own "path" for years. I use to tell my girls, even before they were preteens, they were on their own path in life and sometimes my job was to help them stay out of the rough on either side. Now that I'm trying to make my path more of a priority, I've dusted off the analogy and am using it address situations. I am going to deal with obstacles on my path. My path, my way. I've even been know to draw pictures to help me understand if it's a my path issue or someone else's. It doesn't fix everything but I seem to have better clarity.