Friday, October 24, 2008

Where'd the hours go?

I spent the day was socializing, knitting, reading, and then battled my way through the crossword. Good thing I did it on the computer because if it had been paper I would have rubbed too many holes in it for all the "erasing" I had to do. I made Spicy Red Lentil soup for dinner.

Living consciously...

Abandoning hope... the title of today's inspirational read, okay. Briefly the argument is if you hold onto hope you're avoiding reality. Interesting. I tend to think of hope with a little more confidence and based within the bounds of reality. When I try a new soup recipe I hope that it turns out well. I'd like to think of 'hope' as both a verb and a noun -- and my job is to take an active role in getting myself there.

(Sure, I have an occasional escape from reality where I hope I win the lottery. I fund that fantasy by throwing away a couple of dollars ever six months or so.)

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