Sunday, November 09, 2008

back to 'normal'

I finished another sock today and will begin its mate tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow, a fresh new Monday with no politics to distract me. I've been watching too much TV -- mostly news programs over the last ten days. I'm ready to get back to my studio routine.

Living consciously...

Hendricks writes that a key lesson for living consciously is to get your priorities straight, focus first on who you are inside and let your actions come from this wellspring of self-knowledge. The practice that follows is ask yourself throughout the day: Could this be easier? Could I do this in such a way that I stay in touch with who I am inside?

The combination of trying to be more 'conscious' and having lived fifty-plus years helps me answer the easier/staying in touch question in the affirmative... most of the time.

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Anonymous said...

As long as you are knitting while you watch TV I guess it isn't too bad. Otherwise it will rot your brain. Me dear departed grandmother told me....

I watched Queer Eye for The Straight Guy yesterday while pulling off the papers from the back of my log cabin blocks. Not that's highbrow. Not.