Friday, December 12, 2008

I love those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells.

Frank Sinatra is singing to me as I write. He also serenaded us as we decorated the tree last night. 'Twas lovely!

Living consciously...

Go ahead... tempt me! Today's practice: Think of something you want to create in your life.

Right! I've got enough ideas of things I want to create to keep me busy for many decades to come. Hendricks further states that "it can be a material object or a relationship quality or a spiritual dimension." The fun never ends. He does offer an additional challenge by suggesting that you attach a positive emotion to that picture in your head. I had never really considered that, this could an answer to my joy-happiness search.


Anonymous said...

B-E-double L-S

Devon and I were wondering about the sybolism of those Christmas mushroom ornaments, and having found the answer I thought you too might find this article interesting.

I am very happy with the tree this year.

Sande said...

Your tree is lovely!

Alis said...

Sinatra and decorating the tree. Couldn't be better.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I echo Alis: Decorating the tree to the strains of Sinatra is a little bit of heaven. Accompanied by a nice glass of good cheer, of course!

jenclair said...

Lovely tree!