Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Fine. I decided to carry around the pedometer again to see if I'm anywhere close to 10K steps. The short answer is "No" and tomorrow I will be more serious about it!

Still dealing with the post-holiday blues.

Creative every day: 6 of 365 done!

Now what?

When I use a picture for my six-word-photo I'm using the picture as is, no editing. I like this other one I took, Jamie had the dreaded green pet eyes. I had intended to try and remove the pet eye in Photoshop but decided I liked it with the cutout filter - it has a nice flow with the green in the pillow.

Playing around with Photoshop ends up on my gee-wouldn't-it-be-good-to-do-someday list but I haven't yet committed the time. I just need to start leaning into it.

For now:
I'm tempted to start a drawing for Illustration Friday. This week's topic is resolve.


KathrynAntyr said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are in post-holiday blues. As a friend said to me once, "be kind to yourself."

Give yourself so rest and then find a project. Another friends suggested when I was in a funk, "go make something." Even though I didn't feel like it I got started and before I knew it the creativity train and my happiness began to take off.

Kim said...

Kathryn - LOL! - not me... the dog!

I'm the one doing the happy dance - the holidays are over, the kid is back at school, the husband is back at work, I have my time back to myself... Life is good!

But, Kathryn, the next time I think I'm starting to drift into a funk, I'm heading over to your place for a pep talk! Hugs.

jenclair said...

Poor puppy!