Sunday, January 11, 2009

gift bags

I took some of the weeklies I made last year and turned them into gift bags. I'm looking forward to using them throughout the year. I had turned this joy weekly into a gift bag and gave it to a friend in town (she's now using it as a wall hanging.) I also think they'd be good to use a pillows or to pass along with a gift inside to another person.

I'm continuing my doodle-a-day calendar. Eleven days so far and I'm really enjoying it. It's such a simple thing and it's going to be wonderful to have a whole years worth of doodles!

Every day I just doodle away.

Creative every day: 11 of 365 done!

Now what?

Picked up a copy of The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge from the library. With over 1300 pages it is truly a desk reference and filled with everything a curious mind might want to know. I may have to go ahead and order a copy of my very own if I find it useful. It offers an overview to a broad range of subject, just the syllabus I need to help me craft my "vigorous mind" curriculum.

For now: I got a copy of Electric Quilt 6 (oh, about a year ago) that I never loaded on the computer. I'm thinking tomorrow would be a good day to do that. Play with it for an hour or so and see how I like it.

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jenclair said...

What a good idea! Turning your weeklies into gift bags allows you to share your creativity in such a unique way.

I found 2 books in my stacks the other day sent by publishers a while back. One is Know It All: The Little Book of Knowledge, and I can't remember the name of the other but it was same the kind of thing. I put that one in the car for those occasions I forget to bring what I'm reading.

Love getting "knowledge" in small doses!