Friday, January 09, 2009

How now brown cow

I creatively managed to do very little today. Breakfast out with friends, ran odd errand about town and then spent several hours surfing around the internet looking at Chinese iconography - I'm starting to gather ideas for next week's weekly collage. On a webpage of Richard R. Wertz, I found an image of the Quran written in Arabic script, with Chinese translation and a video on Chinese Calligraphy. The Chinese New Year is January 26th, beginning the Year of the Ox (Year 4706, Year Ji Chou). The Ox is the animal that brings prosperity through hard work. The Ox year is a time of hard work, duty, and discipline... might be a good year to recover from a recession!

The year of the Ox is time for hard work. Like Oxen plowing the fields, we to must toil during this year. Success is attained through diligent work and conscientious effort. Begin by putting your affairs in order, especially your home. Stick to routine, tried-and-true methods, and conservative actions. Wild, new concepts will not be well received. (Save them for the following Tiger year). Ox year is not a time for laziness. Everyone is expected to work and contribute. But if we refrain from rebelling, follow the rules, and obey authorities, there will be a bountiful harvest. Expect conservative politics. ~ Susan Levitt

(The images above are the Ox and the Dragon - in Chinese astrology I'm a white Ox born in the year of a black Dragon.)

Now what?

When I started surfing I was looking for more information about Erwin Panofsky after I read that he "defines an artist as one who is full of images." I think that's a wonderful way to describe an artist.

For now: off to work on Saturday's NYTimes crossword - or at least get a start on it.


jenclair said...

Eager to see how the ideas you are gathering transform into next week's collage!

Anonymous said...

I love your basis for idea. Very cool on so many levels.

I am an ox. I don't know about a white ox or a black dragon (although it would be neat to be a black dragon...rrr), but I am an ox.

Kim said...

Jenclair - Me, too! What I'm seeing in my head does not match what I would do or the time I would spend in making a weekly collage.

Rian - Poor babe (wait, Babe was a pig... you are an ox) need to know more. Go here: Find your animal sign and type in your birth date. Have fun!
(BTW - yes, I can spend hours in a dictionary and am in need of a twelve step program for my internet abuse!)