Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small Block party

Taking a stab once again at small scale quilt blocks. (Probably a short foray - precision sewing makes my shoulders tense!) I'm planning to trim away at least half the black around each block to keep it more in scale with the four inch block. The green and orange scraps I have tucked between the blocks seem to play nicely - giving just the right amount of pop without competing with the blocks.

I was drawing in the sketchbook when I noticed the reflection in the wine. Not particularly original but it was opportunistic and catered to my laziness.

Drawing inspiration from reflections in wine.

Creative every day: 13 of 365 done!

Now what?

Obviously, my next step is to sew the blocks together - to make what I'm not sure.

For now: I'm thinking, maybe a little more wine and I'll work on Wednesday's New York Times crossword. Hopefully, it will more of a challenge than Monday and Tuesday.


Debra said...

I usually have a tough time with 8 blocks--give me 9 or 12 and I am a happy quilter; but, 8 just doesn't work for me. These would be lovely as the center attraction in a much larger piece-maybe repeating the blocks in a larger size for the outside border.

Your sketch books just blow me away!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the sketches. Always a pleasure to see...very visually interesting.

I can see those little blocks placed randomly on a black field. But made into what, I don't know. Tablerunner maybe.

jenclair said...

Great block party! Looks as if everyone is having a good time.

Kim said...

Debra - I have so little experience with traditional quilts (large or small) that I I don't have that instinct of working with a preferred number - and clearly I didn't plan in advance!

My sketch book has been a pleasure to do and I'm beginning to appreciate what a useful tool it will become over the months to come. I've started looking back at pages and seeing sketches that I'd like to do something more with. I highly recommend the activity, even if you don't draw - just make marks, blocks of color, lists, ideas...

Rian - Am loving doing the sketch book, happy to share... although as I look back on them, I just have to wonder what crazy corner of my mind some of those sketches came from!

Jenclair - Just got a sense of being a "crazy old lady with her quilt blocks" - oh, well, embrace it... we are all doing just fine!