Thursday, January 15, 2009

a spark of inspiration

I do feel clever - I haven't done it yet but at least the inspiration hit and I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to use this simple canvas bag I bought for four dollars and attach the quilt blocks to it. I can open up the bag, it's only stitched up the sides and use the canvas as the quilt back. Knowing what I'm going to do is such a relief and I think I can make it work easily.

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu.

Creative every day: 15 of 365 done!

Now what?

This was the page from yesterday's sketchbook. I'll get caught up tomorrow with two half pages. Since the first of the year I've been focusing on spending twenty minutes a day on a variety of activities and as I get comfortable with the schedule I add another activity. I thought the twenty minute go-do's might be restrictive but instead I'm finding I feel freer and am enjoying more and more. Of course, some things get two (or more) twenty minute blocks: studio time; exercise; and socializing!

For now: I'm hoping my husband received the message I sent requesting that he bring something home for dinner or I'll be heating up the leek and potato soup I made yesterday. I have three more twenty minutes planned tonight: piano, read for knowledge, and knitting (starting a new pair of socks while I watch Grey's Anatomy)


Allie Lauren said...

I'm watching his speech right now. He's definitely improved as a public speaker...

jenclair said...

Perfect and useful way to use your blocks!

I skipped the farewell speech and Grey's last night and watched two more episodes of House of Eliott.

:) I like the 20 minute blocks, too, but they often are stretched longer! Since I only have the goal of doing 20 min. and NOT on a schedule like 9:00 exercise, 9:20 vacuum, 9:40 read--it works well. Twenty minutes, whenever, suits me to a T.

Debra said...

I skipped Grey's Anatomy for Grissom's farewell from CSI--pretty good trade-off.

I am glad to see some inspiration leaking into your head but I do think the blocks are more important than the front of a totebag warrants. (Was that a little too honest?)

McIrish Annie said...

I like the 20 minute block idea. But I have a hard time stopping after 20 minutes. I may need to have a timer at my side to keep me moving!

As always, you are full of great ideas and inspiration!

Kim said...

Allie Lauren ...on script...

Jenclair - You didn't miss much - speech/Grey's - House of Eliott was the better choice. You must be getting close to the end, hope you have found another series to watch.

I agree, a goal of doing twenty minutes is what is important, not the scheduled when. I find that I am getting so much more done...hope to maintain this honeymoon phase for a long time!

Debra - I've got Grissom on Replay for when I find a little free time.

Ha! - never too honest - I enjoy hearing what you have to say and appreciate your input!

Annie - I've thought about carry a timer... I should probably just get a insert-latest-gadget-name-here that will act as a timer, cellphone, pedometer, internet, etc. (and maybe it can do my thinking for me as well!)