Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weekly Collage

I'm continuing my exploration into Chinese writing. After a comment from Debra, I looked and found How to say 'lemon' in Chinese. One thing led to another and ta dah... my weekly.

This month's garden of earthly delights.

(with apologies to Hieronymus Bosch)

Creative every day: 7 of 365 done!

Now what?

I'm eager to start reading The Vigorous Mind. I thumbed through it briefly this afternoon and between the quotes, the exercises and the humorous paragraph headers, I'm expecting a good, fun, and insightful read. (Thanks Jenclair!)

For now: I'm going to watch the second season premiere of Damages tonight. I watched several episodes last year but never finished watching the series. I like Glenn Close, and this year William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden are also joining the cast.


Genie Sea said...

I love your lemon piece! It's so simply refreshing and serene :)

Jeri said...

I so enjoy getting the glimpses into your journal/notebook. You're so creative and its amazing how you find new ways to challenge yourself. The lemon tree piece is wonderful! I could look at it for hours.

Debra said...

The lemon piece turned out just perfect!

Kim said...

Genie and Debra - Thanks. I'm happy with it. (Problem is that 'Lemon Tree' song has been running in my head constantly for the last several days!)

Jeri - Thanks, Jeri. The sketchbook has been an interesting activity for me. Staring at that blank page, waiting for something to happen... starting with the date and a not to myself about what's happening helps to get the "doodle" juices flowing. I highly recommend it - it's a cheap therapy!

The lemon tree surprised me - simple yet makes a bold splash - glad you liked it.