Tuesday, November 10, 2009

in the present

wk 41-09

This came together quickly. Taped off a grid and used silver oil stick to color the fabric. Cut some pieces from my fused fabric stash for the eye, lips, and Russian word for "in the present." Some quick quilting and done!

Rambling on...

I watched part of the Memorial Service at Fort Hood today. I got a little emotional listening to Master Sgt. Natasha D. Harley sing "Amazing Grace" and started crying during the traditional roll call that followed. My dad was in the Air Force and still lives just outside Randolph AFB in San Antonio. My cousin and her husband are part of the Fort Hood community, he's on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq (or he could be in Afghanistan now.) Such a tragedy...

(usually writing the date in my sketch is a comfort - clearly I wasn't thinking straight today... it really should read 10.11.09)

I'm starting to get excited about heading off to the Opera this weekend. I took my daughter to see La Boheme on Oct 3rd. This time, my husband's going with me to see Phillip Glass's Orphée. I think he'll enjoy it - love, commitment, fidelity and the melding of stunning imagery with music. Glass's version of the Orpheus myth follows the script of Jean Cocteau’s 1949 film Orphée. My husband really enjoys film, so I added Cocteau's Orphic Trilogy on our Netflix queue as well.

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