Saturday, November 28, 2009

laugh off

wk 29-09

This, along with the mirror image, is Arabic (ضحك)for 'laugh off'. I really have been trying to laugh more and I figured that a reminder for learning to laugh off the negative things as well would be useful.

Rambling on...

I've noticed that I seem to draw a lot of birds. I could stop or explore it more. The turkey reminded me of family and the quail reminded me of California, together I found myself thinking of my great grandfather and his magpie. I must have been 10 or so when I visited. I've a vague memory of a summer visit but a distinct memory of the outdoor cage my great grandfather had build for his yellow-billed magpie just to the right of the house in Atascadero. When you walked by the cage, the bird would come along side and whisper 'I'll get you!" It took me most of the summer to figure out that the bird had picked it up from my great grandmother - she hated that bird.

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