Tuesday, November 24, 2009


wk 45-09

Once again, I must confess working out of the sketchbook has helped me become much more productive. (I do need to remember this fact when I'm whining/procrastinating about having to open the sketchbook.) First up, working in Ge'ez script is the Amharic word for NOW. I was a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY girl today so it's only fitting that show that, again in Amharic...
wk 46-09

Rambling on...

I tried to hold out a few more days but I broke down yesterday and got out the Christmas music. Made me happy and played the piano for almost an hour. So, this evening it was time to give the violin some of the Christmas Cheer. I had two books I wanted to run through so I played everything at double time. Didn't sound great but now at least I've narrowed the pieces down to about a dozen that I want to play over the holidays. I wonder if I can get my daughter to play some duets this weekend? Could happen.

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