Sunday, December 13, 2009

now, now, now

I've decided to meld together all the "now" weeklies I did this year into one quilt. The first pass (above) needs work but it serves to help me see that there are (at least) four pieces that are particularly problematic. I'd like to keep most of the pieces in their original state but I may cut/dye/embellish as necessary to make the everything come together.

Rambling on...

I was expecting my youngest daughter to arrive home for winter break this afternoon but as started to walk into the family room this morning there she was - nearly scared me to death! She had to drop a friend off at the airport very early this morning and decided that since the roads weren't icy to go ahead and make the drive home.

The office remodel is proceeding and I'm maintaining the order I need to keep my sanity in the studio. As we continue to move stuff out of the office into my studio space I figure as long as I can keep the desk, sewing machine and cutting table clear, I'll be okay.


Rian said...

This will really be something, Kim! I was wondering what you would do with all these pieces. You'll work out the way to make it come together. And it will be smashing!

Debra said...

Getting all your pieces to mesh together is going to be some design exercise. I'll be watching to see how you accomplish this one.

Happy to see you blogging again too.