Sunday, September 12, 2010

de-rain de-lay

I waited all day to watch the Men's final at the US Open and it's postponed until tomorrow. Disappointing but now both Djokovic and Nadal will be well rested and ready for battle - I've my fingers crossed for really exceptional tennis.

I've been thinking that I was going to put the September IT! piece above the piano. I did mock up of what I think the size and basic layout will be and (love Photoshop) dropped it into the photo. Now, I'm not so sure. Too big? Too busy? I've always wanted something over the piano but maybe it's fine as it is.

We're dining late tonight. I made Rian's port onions (once again) and DH is about to start the skirt steak. I need to wash the arugula and crumble some blue cheese. These four things together as a salad are just heavenly... doesn't hurt to have a glass of wine with it!

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