Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Early "IT!" tease

I worked on the September "Interpret This!" challenge today. I chose to focus on a particular section of the fence but struggled with the colors - or lack of color in the photograph. I decided to eliminate the green and think about spicing it up with some purple/blue and orange/brown.

Turns out that this was just enough to help me finish planning out both the design layout and palette for the challenge.


Karen said...

I am still fussing with the drawing! Have not even thought about the palette yet!!

Debra said...

I totally ditched the picture's color palette. I didn't like the lack of color either.

Kay said...

Looks interesting. I thought last month's was colorless but this one is even more so. I'm actually sticking with it, just punching it up a bit.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Really interesting! I feel the same as everyone else. Not much color in this one and very little inspiration.
I went way out from the photo this time and I am not happy with the results either. :(