Thursday, February 10, 2011

choosing fabric


I'm working on a quilt that needs to be completed by the end of March. Today I worked on auditioning fabric that I will use in the piece. I going to use 22 different fabrics that need to play together with each other and with the background fabric. I collected 32 fabrics that seem to work. Tomorrow, I'll figure out which ones work best.

I spent a couple hours in the studio selecting fabric and picking up. The rest of the day just seemed to race by. I got the things done I had planned but today felt like I didn't get anything accomplished. I was clearly in a autopilot mode and not particularly mindful of what I was doing. I did get caught up in the events happening in Egypt. I don't think watching the news in the early afternoon is good for me - kind of mind numbing. I did decide that I need create a list of "thoughtful conservatives" and "thoughtful progressives" (I think it was sometime Chris Matthews said) and spend more time reading their POVs.

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