Tuesday, February 08, 2011

flowers on my mind

I was driving around town the other and saw four different people planting spring flowers. I assume the plants were pansies and primroses. I don't have much, if any gardening expertise, but now that the hardscaping in the backyard is complete it is time to figure out what to plant. I want a simple plan that I can expand on over the years as I learn more about plants and what plants do well on the property.

One area, next to the main deck and hot tub, about 10' x 10', I have decided to plant with roses. Luckily, I know just where to get my roses, about an hour and a half north of Corvallis, at Heirloom Roses. I'm planning on going through their roses online, listing the ones that appeal to me, and taking a stab at a potential garden plan. Then, I'm going to drive up there and see if they will review the plan, improve it  - or  - toss and completely redo.

I'd like to some dahlias and there are plenty of local growers to choose from: Swan Island Dahlias and Frey's Dahlias and Dahlia Divas. Yay! - another road trip but, I'll have to wait to August/September to walk the farms to see them in bloom.

I'm really looking forward to May 6th when Schreiner's Iris Garden opens their 10 acre display gardens to the public.


Sande said...

We have about 14 inches of snow and subzero wind chills today - pansies and spring flowers sound good. Plant a few for me. I have an indoor orchid opening up today though. That's a welcome sight.

Kay said...

I'm in the same boat as Sande. Hoping to buy a bouquet of tulips next time I go to the store for a spring feeling.

Rian said...

Tulips! Nothing says spring like tulips. Can't help ya on the garden front--I have ten black thumbs.