Tuesday, March 08, 2011

it might as well be spring

Had a couple of hours to work in the studio today. Not much time spent actually making anything but, I did plot, and plan, and sketch. There should be an "art" term for this process. The chefs have mise-en-place, directors have mise-en-scène, mise-en-abyme is an art technique - I think I'll adopt mise-en-idée. Don't know if it's the right translation but "idea development" is what I'm going for.

and 3 beautiful things:

  1. The daffodils in my front yard are just about to open. Just down the hill the daffodils have been open for the last five days. I've been patiently waiting. I brought in three daffodils inside - happiness!
  2. I've discovered red quinoa and I love it. I made a quinoa tabouli with cucumber, red onion, scallions, chickpeas. Drizzled with a little white balsamic/Dijon dressing, heaven.
  3. I had a chat with my sister today - always warms my heart! Later I sent her a text/picture of my daffodils using the Ikebana vase that she had sent me for Christmas one year. She quickly replied in a text that she was "copying that tomorrow." I'm so happy I inspired her but I was left wondering if she has daffodils in the front yard of her Texas home. 

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