Monday, January 23, 2006

Keeping an Eye on Happiness in 2006

Let's see if this works. This little piece was created with the leftover scraps I had from the collages and the journal quilt. I even had a little scrap of fast2fuse. I wanted to try the postcard size. I loaded this at Flickr and was able to post to this blog from there. Ain't technology something!
I found a discussion about doing these postcards once a month (a mini me journal quilt!) over at sharonb's inaminuteago under a discussion about 6-x-4-lives The theme for these will be "idioms" - this one 'keep an eye on' is my first and certainly does tie to what I've been exploring this month.
I took a few minutes today and sharpened my prismacolor pencils, it was very relaxing, although I am little irrated with Bleu Franc. Everytime I use it the lead breaks. I can't figure out why.
Life. Happens. Another day, I think I'm up to eight fat quarters!


jenclair said...

Keep up the good work and reward yourself handsomely!

Saw the 6x4 lives on Sharon's blog. I really like yours!

LindaPut said...

Wow! This one is great too. And to think you did it all with scraps. I like the abstractness of it. It is very appealing - one I'd really enjoy having on my wall. Way to go!