Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Collage

taking on chAos
I can't believe it's already Friday (again!) The studio is messy, a good thing - it says I've been working and not engaged in creative procrastination (i.e. picking up.) I sketched out a few ideas last night for the last collage on transformation. The emphasis for this collage was accepting risk/chaos. I knew I wanted chaos to be prominent in the piece and thinking about the state of the studio, the scraps of fabric and paper laying around - the idea of "taking on chaos" became the theme for the sketches. I played with the word chaos until I decided to overemphasize the "a" and after that I knew how I was going to construct the piece. After I got home from breakfast this morning I threw together the leftover scraps for the "Harmonic Convergence" exercise, slapped chAos on top of it, and borrowing a phrase from my daughter, I stitched BRING IT across the bottom. By the time Allie got home from school this afternnon I was whipping down the binding. She took full credit for the piece (A is for Allie, and one of her favorite slang expressions). Yeah, right.

It has been a wonderfully busy living week. The fact that we have actually had some sun this week has energized me. I am forcing myself to finish up the cardigan for the Knitting Olympics - the knitting is done, I am now sewing the seams together and I will block it tomorrow. Yes! Yesterday I went to a class/workshop on working with angelina fibers. Fun stuff. I need to make time for some playdates!


Sande said...

Very nice chaos. I like the design and the flowing curve the A makes.

jenclair said...

Chaos>creativity>chao! The A and "chaos" is really nice and a fun transformation.

Scrapmaker said...

Chaos with an appeal. Very nice! Jen

arlee said...

Isn't Chaos wonderful? *Your* piece *and* the real thing! :}Love the colourway.