Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Living life the way I want.

Have a Vision, the second collage this month, came together really quick: I had made the letters last month and then didn't use them; the center square I had made years ago and ran across it when I was looking for scraps. These weekly collages are helping me to put things together more spontaneously - letting go without being too critical plus I have given myself permission to create as many "ugly" pieces as I want.

This month feels like it is just flying by. With only two days left until the Olympics start, I'm trying to make sure I meet all the commitments I've made. A friend asked me this morning where I was getting my energy, she says I was doing so much (I feel like I haven't been doing enough - our own paradigm gets in the way, doesn't it?!) Although I have not had the studio time that I wanted so far this month my head has been spinning with all kinds of ideas. When I do get to the studio, I show up with enthusiasm and drive to get as much done as I can. Bottom line is that I'm having a lot of fun!

The third in a series of four heart/love postcard-size pieces is Art Tart @ Heart. I can't believe I'm doing "cute" - but there it is, 1 - 1/2 inch strips of pink sewed together in a checkerboard, letters stenciled using a sharpie, red paintstik for center heart and red netting left over from a Christmas package to cover the whole thing. Yeah, cute!


arlee said...

Really like "Contemplation"---serene and zenlike maze

Sande said...

I like your collage goals (and your collages)...maybe I'll try that myself...I enjoyed your comment about giving yourself permission to do as many 'ugly pieces as you want. A good point. And 'cute' or not, I like your postcard very much. I also have been doing some and use them as experimental pieces.

jenclair said...

Your "art tart" v. p. is so funny! Valentine's Day is perfect for "cute"; to give and receive! I made 6 v. p.'s last week, but won't post them until Valentine's Day because I want them to be a surprise.

What size are your weekly collages? I love the idea of making one each week. Jeanne Williamson - - has made small weekly quilts for several years, setting certain parameters /qualifications each year.