Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Collage

Long age I gave my permission to create ugly quilts. I think after this creation I need to amend my list to include dull! The things I don't like about it far outnumber the few things I do like. After spending about two hours putting it together, with little desire to try and improve it, I thought I'd throw on a binding that at least allowed me to try a new technique. A contrasting piping added to the binding which is attached to the back, the corners are mitered and then the binding is completed by bringing it to the front and machine stitching on the piping as close as possible to the binding. The idea of it sounded simple enough, my fly-by-the-seat approach made it more laborius than it needed to be. After two frustrating hours I think I got it and I may even try it again on another piece.
I was working with quarter inch seam allowance what seemed like too much bulk in the corners but it works and looks nice.
Even though I'm finished with this piece (Double Trouble) I will probably do something to the top - the back of the neck stems are driving me crazy!

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