Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March Madness...

and I'm not referring to basketball - just the general flavor of my month so far. My girls are old enough that I usually don't have to worry about intergrating their activities into my plans and commitments. Ooops. Their spring breaks fall on different weeks this month. The oldest is apartment hunting (helping = time) and the youngest made Varsity Tennis (driving/watching = time). I actually like the "busy-ness" of all the activity. Adrenalin is a wonderful drug.

I'm packing for a trip to Ashland this morning. Heading down to see some plays (Importance of Being Earnest, Diary of Anne Frank, Up, and Winter's Tale) and packing some art-to-go handwork. My husband suggested I bring a sewing machine (gotta love him), but NO. I've got a good start on what I think will be my March JQC and embellishing it with some beads will be a nice take-with project. I did manage to get three of my five postcards done for March, a fun diversion.

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The Craft Dilettante said...

Hi! I just found your blog and immediately thought of Joyce Jonte, a local (Humboldt, CA) artist that does a lot of life drawings. You might enjoy using some of her ideas in your collagework. And I'm certainly going to refer back to your page for inspiration - love your colors and concepts!