Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Collage - Wk28

This week's Friday Collage is called Number 28. I sandwiched bits of yarn, trim, cording, and scraps of fabric between two pieces of a water soluble stablizer, then quilted all over it. Rinsed out the stablizer, let it dry and finished the piece by binding it with a very rough spun yarn. Two of my favorite Abstract Expressionist are Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko - this collage was fun, fast and spontaneous. Next week I'll attempt a piece more in the style of Rothko although I must admit I'm already a little timid - I'm afraid it's easy to do uninteresting color field work. But not going to worry about that now!

For a little fun go play here. (Hint: move the mouse and click it as desired!)

1 comment:

Sande said...

What a fun piece! I love the little bits of blue peeking through the squiggles of red and yellow.