Monday, July 10, 2006

July JQC2006

I'm a little early posting my July Journal Quilt and I must confess I'm recylcing it from an earlier project I worked on. The piece is called She knit till they fit... - and here's her story. The first day of May a friend asked if I wanted to participate in a local art project. I said yes before I knew what it was and when it was or what it entailed - so NOT me. It was call the SheProject (they've a website which seems to be still under construction here)and the idea was to create a collage in two hours based on an assigned 'shephrase'. The 'shephrase' was emailed to us before 8pm on May 12th and we were to have our collages complete by 10pm. We had planned to get together (just three of us) - have fun and be spontaneous.

I spent the few days before the 12th in Ashland with my husband, a late birthday present - just the two of us, a couple of plays and lots of relaxation. During one of our outings we discovered the Davis & Kline Gallery where I fell in love with the work of Matthew Picton.

I got back into town at 7:30pm on the 12th, pulled my 'shephrase' out of email, grabbed some supplies (including knitting needles and some copper wire) and raced over to the other side of town where my friend lives. We began working at 8pm and finished with five minutes to spare. I got home, used a label maker to print out the phrase and slipped it into a 8x10 wood frame. Over 145 women participated and the pieces all hung at a local cafe during the month of June.

To convert it to a journal quilt I simple added some blue/purple border fabric, embellished it with a few beads and replaced the label by machine stitching the "She knit till they fit..." phrase.


Granny Fran said...

How clever you are to be able to get double duty out of a project. I really like this JQ, it's bright, interesting, and quite attractive. Very spontaneous. That is something I need to work on. I don't do spontaneous well.

Deb H said...

Very Cool! Great idea! & to complete it so fast, you're amazing! I'd like to see the whole show!
The colors & textures of Matthew Picton's work was lovely too. Looked rather quilterly even though it was a different medium!

Sande said...

Your project idea was very interesting and sounds like fun. I love the colors you have chosen, the bright blues and oranges with the sheer overlays. For fast, it turned out great!

PaigeTurner said...

Very cool, but stop posting early--you make the rest of us slackers look bad. LOL!
Beth/Paige who still hasn't posted her March JQ.