Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Collage

This year seems to be going by so fast - "Taffy Pull" is my 27th Friday Collage. I've been looking forward to this month's theme of Abstract for months. I do like most art forms but non-objective art is my favorite (I think... well at least today it is!) For this first week of July, I decided to start with neoplasticism.

I've always been fond of Piet Mondrain's Broadway Boogie Woogie. Someday, maybe, I'd like to make a small quilt that resembles it.

I considered primary colors but opted instead for the blue and orange patterned fabrics along with the black and white. I sewed five strips together, all of them around two to three inches wide and twenty inches long. I cut strips, shuffled and turned them and sewed again until I was satisfied with the results. I focused on strong vertical and horizontal lines, trying to keep the piece as square as possible.

I finished by adding some knit-cro-sheen and quilting in some black and white lines.

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Very nice!! The colors work very well together.