Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Collage - Wk 37


Struggling with what to do this week, my daughter suggested looking at the work of Susan Seddon Boulet - especially from the book The Goddess Paintings. Her work is stunning. I was inspired and humbled - and then I did what I try not to do - I had myself a little pity party. A few moments of those negative voices saying 'I can't' 'I'll never' 'I'm not' that whittle away at what little artistic confidance I do have. I didn't stay at the "party" long - the costs are too high and I'm cheap.

Let me explain: I was involved with a small quilt group many years ago and we had this plastic piggy bank that attended every gathering. We'd talked about the normal stuff (our kids, husbands, work, etc) and then every once in awhile someone would start to complain about what they weren't good at - sharing their negative voices/tapes with the group. We were a pretty brutal group and the pig would come out - the person that was whining or complaining (having a pity party of one) would have to put a quarter in the pig.

The funds collected would buy wine. One evening, someone showed up a little late, stormed in, threw her stuff down and declared "Get the pig out, I have five dollars worth of quarters!" Although this is not the 'original' pig, I do have one that I keep near the studio. It serves as a gentle reminder to keep from going negative. (note: saying what little artistic confidance I do have should be quarter worthy!)

I did finally decide on celtic hounds for the collage. Made a 6x4 study to try out using fast2fuse in creating the hound/hounds. From what I understand in Celtic Mythology the hound represents a steadfastness to goals - just the thing I need for my studio!


jenclair said...

Better and better! Love all Celtic designs and your versions are marvelous. The story of the pig and $5 worth of quarters has me smiling, big time.

Micki said...

You are way too hard on yourself. You do some really wonderful work. I too like the Celtic design. I think I need to go buy a pig. LOL!

ACey said...

Heh. "get out the pig". Words to live by, it's a great story.

Sande said...

Yup, great story about the pig. Both the collage and the small study turned out beautifully.

Jessica said...

From what I understand in Celtic Mythology the hound represents a steadfastness to goals - just the thing I need for my studio!
And they are the namesake of CĂș Chulainn, the greatest hero in Celtic myth. His name means "the Hound of Culann" and you can read about him here. He is a symbol of strength, battle rage, prowess, bravery, and self-confidence. His story is incredible.

I like the piece, Mum. ^_^