Monday, September 11, 2006

Finding Inspiration

Earlier this year my husband and I bought a work of art created by Matthew Picton from a gallery in Ashland Oregon. While the gallery owner was a wonderful advocate for the artist, we decided to set a goal to buy art directly from an artist. The quest has been fun - going to Art Galleries, talking with each other about what we like (and don't like), learning about different mediums, and finding inspiration that is fueling my own artistic growth. Returning home from Seattle on Labor Day weekend, we stopped at Art in the Pearl, a Fine Arts and Crafts Festival with over 100 artists. What a treat! We found a beautiful abstract expressionist painting by
Mike Baggetta. We had the opportunity to talk to him for several minutes about his art and specifically the painting that we liked. He shares a studio with his wife Marla Baggetta - loved her work as well. I also enjoyed the mosaic art of Tamaris Landsman. As we were finishing our walk around the many booths, my husband turned to me and said he really liked Mike Baggetta's oil painting so we returned to his booth and bought it.

I'm finally getting caught up with my 4x6 studies. These are from August.

The best thing about them is that they are done!

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