Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where I've been lurking

There are so many wonderful blogs. It hard to single out just a few but I thought I'd share these.

Blue Tea posts what she likes: arts, books, language, folklore, adventure games, and so on.

Fabric Dyeing 101 Melissa tells how to create your own hand-dyed cotton fabric using procion dyes. Years ago, I enjoyed looking at her blog Pioneer Woman with Cellphone, and she has Empress of Dirt. Busy, busy lady!

and finally check out A Sin of Colour by Linda, a artful scribbler from Sheffield England. I have absolutely fallen in love with her Humument-style altered text, especially Page 38!


Kari said...

Oooh, lots of lovely links to follow up - wonderful.

And looking back through your blog, I am enjoying seeing your drawing journey - looks like you are having lots of fun. The Betty Edwards book helped me learn to draw too.

Love the last post with the Scottish sotry too.

Great blog, will be back..

Kari x

~~ Melissa said...

Hi Kim,

Wow, thanks for the mention. I'm off to see the other links. :)

Linda said...

Kim, thanks for the praise and link! Will check out the others in a bit...

Oh, and I love your blog, some wonderful work - I absolutely adore Benbecula - wonderful work!

I'll be back ;>