Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Meander

I finally spent some uninterrupted time in the studio - starting and finishing several projects. I finished a Birthday Postcard for Françoise and the January page swap for Terri. I've got my 12x12x12 about 50% done and I did the background fabric for my Journal Quilt. I have been feeling sluggish the last week or so but the last two days have energized me!

Dropped by SharonB's inaminuteago to get the new Take a Stitch Tuesday: Buttonhole Stitch. I really enjoyed reading her reflections on three years of blogging. I had to chuckle when I got to the paragraph "Blogs do take time." I use to spent time randomly surfing the WWW but over the last few months all I seem to do is read blogs on my blogroll and try to keep current with the online groups I'm involved with.

I found a little time over the last few days to surf:

I smiled when I saw that WhipUp had posted a sock monkey tutorial.

At first I thought Deb of ::More Whiffs, Glimmers & Left Oeuvres:: was creating some wonderful thread art but she linked The Scribbler (be careful this can be highly addictive!!!) - it's part of a spectacular collection of fun things to do at (same warning, highly addictive!)


Dianne said...

Isn't it great to get some projects finished - feeling that sense of accomplishment. Congrats! Where ae the photos of your finished pieces? Do we get to see!?

StegArt said...

What?????? No pics?? Sniffle...